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Balcony glazing protects against adverse weather conditions as well as the eyes of unwanted neighbors. Balcony glazing system prevents heat loss. In addition, they are the perfect solution for those who want to grow some flowers on the balcony.

Balcony glazing is becoming increasingly popular year after year.

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Lümico balcony glazing system:

Balcony glazing is a smart investment in your home. Glazed balcony is a comfortable solution for expanding your home and is the perfect place for spending time with family and friends. Also it will increase your property value and its appearance. Glazing improves the thermal insulation, reduces sound from the street and protects the balcony all year round. Flying debris, rain, snow, wind or dust will not bother you anymore. Each glass panel is individual and can be ordered in a wide selection of colors, materials or folded curtains.


Possibilities are endless:

Glazed balcony can be furnished and decorated that helps you to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere all four seasons. The balcony can be a safe place for pets and children to play. Why not use it as a place for work, leisure time or hobbies cultivation.

Choose from:

  1. Framed balcony glazing system
  2. Frameless balcony glazing system

installation methods

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Advantages of framed glazing:


Easy to handle and care for

Lümico`s framed glazing systems main priority is it`s durability and ease of use. The aluminum framed glass panels slide effortlessly along the 2 or 4 track guiding profiles. Washing is simple and safe since all the panels are moveable.

frame closed


Durable aluminum frames that are connected to each other by wind-lock security function and tempered glass panels offer increased protection from burglary, access to the balcony from the outside and against the elements. Balcony glazing is unable to open from outside.

Peace of mind

The framed balcony glazing system`s tempered glass and hair gaskets effectively diminish the sound coming from the streets, which is great news if you are living near urban area.

How it works

The sliding system is produced of glass panels mounted inside of aluminum profiles. The frames slide easily between lower and upper guiding profiles on nylon covered rollers (maintenance free). The profiles have special drainage holes and the system has no wearable mechanical parts. The frames are integrated together with wind-lock security function, which prevents removing frames from the outside. Wind-lock is provided with a hair gasket that makes the construction environment proof (dust, rain, snow etc.). System uses 4, 6 mm tempered glass or 3+3 laminated glass in various colors. No more than 4 frames can be moved one side and in the event of more than 4 frames they will be opened toward both sides.

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Advantages of frameless glazing:


Easy to handle and care for

Lümico`s frameless glazing systems main priority is it`s durability and ease of use. The glass panels slide smoothly along the profile one after another and the outermost glass panel opens by turning on its vertical axis 90 degrees inwards. It opens like a book with it pages inside against the wall by taking as little amount of space as possible and allows the balcony to be opened in its entirety. Washing is simple and safe since the glasses open inside.

frameless opened

frameless closed

Visual appearance

Beautiful aesthetics and borderless view. Since there are no vertical profiles and the system can be opened completely, a gorgeous view is guaranteed.

Different shapes and sizes

Frameless balcony glazing system can handle all different shapes and sizes of balconies.  The glass panels slide effortlessly alongside any wall angle so there will be no technical restrictions for both the home`s user and architecture. Due to the absence of vertical profiles the frameless system does not alter the building`s façade.


Durable aluminum profiles and tempered glass panels offer increased protection from burglary, access to the balcony from outside and against the elements. Balcony glazing is impossible to open from outside. Opening a glazed balcony is child proof, making the balcony a safe and fun place for kids to play.

Peace of mind

The frameless balcony glazing system decisively decreases the sound coming from the streets. The supervised test have proven that our glazed balcony diminishes the noise levels up to 50% from vehicles , construction works, planes and other urban environment vibrations.

How it works

Upper and lower steering profiles are the base of the construction. They are strongly fastened to the ceiling panel and the parapet (a low protective wall along the edge of a balcony). A single leaf is made of an aluminum leaf profile, which is glued to the glass panel by polyurethane adhesive and then riveted (non-corrosive). There are 2 rollers at the bottom and 2 at the top of the profile. We use 6, 8 or 10 mm tempered glass with rounded edges depending on the requirements.  Between the leaves sealants are placed to protect against weather. The optimum width of a single leaf is 500-700 mm.  The fastenings are from stainless steel and the PVC accessories from elastic frost-resistant nylon and silicone.



Powder spraying technology is used for painting aluminum profiles. According to the RAL color catalogue.


The aluminum profile surface is anodized and powder spraying painting method is used, according to RAL color catalogue or wood imitation decors.



Choose from available glass color options:





Silk print processed



Choose from available glass color options:



Various shades

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