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Welcome to Lümico! You can find us in Estonia's capital Tallinn. We are a group of companies offering quality windows, doors and glass systems in aluminum. We believe in delivering affordable products that not only meet but also exceed customer expectations. Our work process focuses on the individual customer's needs and desires, so we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that you as a customer get a solution that is exactly the way you want it.

We at Lümico are constantly working to improve and with the help of feedback, we make sure that we continuously improve ourselves, our service and our products - so that you as a customer will get the best possible experience when you buy something from us!

03.Who chooses us

Low prices

We achieve the lowest price for the consumer due to the volume and high discounts from our suppliers.


Our products have CE certificate


Our products have been tested in Germany at the Rosenheim Institute.


Our company employs specialists with 20 years of experience.


We even have products for which we have a warranty for up to 30 years


We have a credit rating of AA


We received the Gazelle Award as a fast-growing enterprise.

Hundreds of reviews

From customers from different countries - more

6 countries

We are trusted by clients from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and France - more

Wide selection of goods

You can order all the windows, doors or glazing systems for your home (PVC, Aluminum, Wood)

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06.What our customers say

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08.Where we work



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Choose a topic below for questions and answers.

This is a collection of frequently asked questions and answers to them, collected by us over the years. This list is constantly updated. If you have any suggestions that you can include in the list, please let us know, we appreciate it.

How to measure windows
If you already have existing windows, it is best to measure the existing windows from the edge of the frame to the edge of the frame. If this is a new building, then measure the size of the opening or send us the drawings of the architects
What means U-value?
The U value is, simple expression, a measure of heat loss in a material or a construction, in our case, windows. The u-value should preferably be as low as possible to keep the heat and keep the heating costs down. PVC windows generally have a lower u value than wood windows and aluminum windows.
I need doors opening to inwards, do you have?
We can produce doors both opening inwards and outwards.
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Velg riktig vindu
Publisert 30. mai 2018 11:48:51 av ByggeBolig Velg riktig vindu Nye vinduer i boligen er en stor investering og du vil selvsagt at de skal vare så lenge som mulig. Da bør du vurdere vinduer i PVC eller aluminium for å sikre deg god isoleringsevne og lang levetid til en fornuftig pris. Vinduene er viktig både med
Know-how: Tips and tricks for window care.
Know-how: Tips and tricks for window care.     A little care, a lifetime of joy. The hardware defines all important window functions. As the “heart” and the motor of the window, it provides effective burglar resistance, a sustained high level of ease of use and special compression. A piece of SIEGENIA quality hardware consists of
How to choose a PVC window?
How to choose a plastic window? – Choosing the right window Choosing plastic windows, notice, then windows have not only an aesthetic role. Most of the windows and windows are located. Not for nothing PVC windows are also called plastic windows. New PVC windows not only create an impression of the building but must also
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12.We are engaged in charity

Part of the profit we send to the organization SOS Children’s Villages.

SOS Children’s Village is an alternative to foster families, which shall ensure children with permanent families and homes.

In Children’s Villages children can live in the same family with their biological siblings while still keeping contact with their biological parents.


13.LÜMICO is a Gazelle company 2018


14.LÜMICO is a member of the StartBANK community


15.LÜMICO has been a DHL partner for many years


16.LÜMICO OÜ belongs to the second highest class in the AAA® Rating System. Only 6,8% of all companies belong to this rating class.


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