We are fast-growing company located in Tallinn the capital of Estonia. LÜMICO is group of companies producing windows, doors and aluminium glazing systems. Cooperation with our general partners enable us to fulfill complicated projects and to deliver them in time.

Where we work



We provide delivery to all Scandinavian countries, to any city, from Tromso to Gothenburg, from Helsinki to Copenhagen, directly from the factory to your home.



Our staff is the most important achievement in our company. All team members of our company from top managers to technical specialists have many years experience and business understanding. All our staff takes training for 1 months in production field, customer service and marketing to understand better our business model and improve the experience and skills.

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Absolute mission sensation:

For further extention we propose our own experience to make your business easier and pleasanter. We are striving to exceed your expectations. Our mission – to provide for value. We feel ourself as favored when our brand Lümico found lodgment in people minds in connection with happy remembrances.

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As we refine:

The most important aspect of our company is your feedback, which we use to improve our service and the quality of our products.

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We offer an individual approach, it means we are putting the time and effort to your project, necessary to meet your expectations.

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We believe:

Being close to customers means that you can buy a good product with best service.

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First, come back later:

It has always been our philosophy, from employment, production, sales, consulting, client services and everything connected with business  of Lumico.


«A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.»

Henry Ford