Glass Railings


Glass, transparent and weightless rails that do not take too much attention, are well suited for various interiors, create a transparency effect and increase space.

Despite its obvious fragility, the railing glass, durable, not subject to adverse environmental influences and basic care, retains an attractive appearance even further than metal rails.

Your VIEW will not be interupted with Lümico`s Aluminum Glass Railings.

Our glass railings are made with SAPA aluminum profile systems. (

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Nordic design

SAPA glass railing system was especially designed for Scandinavian market, since SAPA is a Norwegian manufacturer, the leading extruders of aluminum profiles in the world. Our profiles are unique and specially extruded for the nordic design.

One of the Most Affordable Railing Systems on the Market

Direct contract, long time partnership with SAPA and producing in Estonia allows us to offer very affordable prices.

Easy installation

With step by step instructions and consulatation.

Lümico Glass Railings are made with security glasses, for Your Safety

  • 44,2 laminated (or thicker)
  • Or 8mm tempered (or thicker)
  • According to the project the glasses might be both tempered and laminated

If you choose privacy, then different tinted and nontransparent glasses are available

  • Opal
  • Frosted
  • Ash

Depending on design and architecture requirements, different mounting options are available

  • Top mounting
  • Front mounting


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