Glass walls

Glass walls, like all others, are primarily designed to determine the space in the room, but in the past it was actually an empty wall, and now it is a light, almost imperceptible translucent thickness of about 1 cm and with very high strength, which saves also an important space.

Glass walls can be a real blessing for owners of apartments with a small area, it is not only beautiful and functional, but also economical. So you can quickly and easily exchange living rooms and work space with the desired area with the possibility of complete sound insulation and closing of new rooms with locks.


MB-EXPO fixed and mobile partition walling system is used to fabricate internal partition walls, distinguishing themselves by a tempered glass pane fixed in clamp profiles which is their structural component.

The components of this system allow the fabrication of fixed walls, all-glass hinged and swinging-type doors and parked doors’ segments – accordion and folding doors. The solution is oriented mainly towards shopping malls and office buildings.

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The structural depth of profiles is 45 mm, which is identical to the depth of profiles of all the frames and studs of the MB-45 system. Both solutions are fully compatible, which allows to freely combine their profiles. The MB-45 OFFICE is based on a number of base profiles, which after tightening the appropriate adaptive profiles can function as a window or door frame, a transom or a stud. The system is compatible with hinges, locks and automatic door closers manufactured by Aluprof,

Geze and WSS. The functionality of this version of the MB-45 system allows to change the interior by removing the connections and re-arranging them, by changing e.g. the angle of integration or its functions.

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Aluprof offers the MB-78EI system-based transparent, fire-rated wall solution, the so-called muntin-free walls.

This allows for the construction of internal partitions walls without the visible vertical wall profiles that separate the individual modules of the wall, while preserving their full fire resistance.

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The MB-118EI fire rated walls are used to make fire partitions with fire resistance class of EI 120. The system is classified as non-fire spreading (NRO). It’s design & construction is such that, it provides a technical connection with the MB-78EI door, which means a number of common components (such as glazing beads, cooling inserts, expanding tapes, seals and most accessories) and also similar to the basic system, production and installation technology.

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