Belgian systems

бельгийская система

Because of its special and unique aesthetic characteristics, it is mainly used in France, Belgium and Holland.

In the case of Belgian window systems entirely wooden casts are used instead of aluminium casts.

DetailsCover colorHandlesTechnical information

  • The possibility of installing a 3-glass package that provides excellent thermal and sound insulation.
  • Three seals form two air chambers, isolating the room. Simultaneously allow for free exchange of pre-warmed air.
  • Thermal conductor protects the window frame from moisture from the outside. By removing the sedimentary water from the window frames, they protect the whole structure from moisture.
  • The complex construction is made of three-layer glued wood.

PVC window handles

  • You can rotate a window horizontally or vertically
  • You can choose profile of 68 of 78 mm
  • 3-layered glued wood
  • Ecological waterproof varnishes
  • Fittings GU firm
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