In our range of the doors you can find doors made from aluminum or PVC. We also produce beautiful PVC doors. Look at our assortment of our balcony doors, patio doors, exterior doors, sliding doors and folding doors below.

PVC Doors


Doors made of PVC are manufactured in the German quality profile GEALAN. Doors made of PVC have a lower cost than wooden or metal exterior doors. Doors from PVC can be made as very resembling imitation the appearance of more expensive and less solid wooden doors. So that PVC doors do not absorb moisture like wooden doors, they are less likely to deform and become hard to close.

Aluminum Doors


Aluminum doors is a good choice for houses with modern design. Lümico offers aluminum doors made of ALUPROF and ALIPLAST profile systems. Aluminum doors provide greater stability, are easily accessible, maintenance is easy. Aluminum doors provide weather-resistant properties, and do not rust.

PVC Doors

LÜMICO Gealan PVC doors can be produced in different colors and design which not needed to be repaired, not as wooden doors, which must be painted or painted regularly. Doors from PVC can be hunged on a weaker frame than required for a heavy steel or wooden door. External single-leaf doors are just one type of PVC outer door. Many homeowners choose PVC doors with glass inserts for terrace or balcony doors.

Wooden doors are much harder to clean than a smooth PVC surface. Wooden doors are often painted to look cleanliness after several years using. Metal doors can be scratched and, perhaps, they need to be painted with thick paint to cover the marks.

Choose our doors from PVC.


Balcony Doors

GEALAN S8000 IQ System PVC balcony door with 6-chamber profile satisfies all technical requirements for modern windows or doors. The profiles provide good insulation parameters and protection against noise and burglary.


Terrace Doors

GEALAN S8000 IQ is a patio door type with higher durability and better stability.


Lift-and-Slide Doors

GEALAN S8000 HST Lifting and sliding door U-value down to 0.86 W / m2K. Noise reduction up to 45dB


Tilt-and-Slide Doors

GEALAN S8000 PSK, which can be tilted and slided, is a parallel sliding door with an extra aeration position. This type of sliding door is the best suited for smaller space.

Aluminum Doors

Suitable selection LÜMICO

Aluminum doors from our range below:

Any ambitious project can be done in aluminum constructions manufactured by Lümico. ALUPROF profile system.


Aluminum doors MB70HI


The modern and resistant aluminum doors that represent elegant design and high safety level.

Doors in MB-70 system constitute the perfect solution that combines durability, aesthetics and modern design. Huge choice in the RAL color range allows to match any architectural style. High-quality aluminum profiles resist adverse effects of weather conditions. Door made in this system stand out for elegance and modern design, and at the same time they guarantee high parameters in energy efficiency thanks to the innovative EPDM seal system.


Folding doors

FOLD DOORS is an innovative system with aesthetic appearance, which opens completely to present an absolutely undisturbed view and to generate more useful space. Flip-door systems are found mainly in hotels, houses, restaurants, conservatory gardens and gardens with swimming pools