Entrance Doors


External doors with panels, aluminum doors open outward or inward, with handle and cylinder lock on both sides. Doors are available with 24 mm and 44 mm panels. The panels are made of smooth aluminum plates and strong polyurethane foam. They are available with long stainless steel handles and standard handles.

Our clients increasingly prefer outdoor doors with aluminum panels. Please look at the doors on some pictures above.

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GEALAN S8000 IQ front door profile with higher durability and improved stability


To improve on the static qualities of a door, Gealan has modified the partition walls in the S8000 IQ system to incorporate the biggest possible metal reinforcement plates inside the sash profile. This unique solution in the usage of steel in the 74 mm width door profile enhances the stiffness factor by 30%. To increase the wind resistance and improve on the corner fastness by a high degree, we use compatible corner weld joints.

So you can rest assured that our front doors are of high quality and durable.

S8000 IQ open S8000 IQ
We have different types of front doors to choose from:

  1. Inside opening front door. All our doors are equipped with high quality hardware, locks and low thresholds. Wide selection of accessories and PVC filling panels up to 40mm is standard.
  2. Outside opening front door. All our doors are equipped with high quality hardware, locks and low thresholds. Wide selection of accessories and PVC filling panels up to 40mm is standard.

Entrance and patio door thresholds for easily accessible living Gealan`s new threshold integrated with both main- or patio doors are 20mm high that makes any doorstep accessible for wheelchairs and the like. The aluminum threshold has a very robust look, with the multi-level design and integrated corner connectors make it extremely airtight and durable. aluminium thresold More benefits:

  • Excellent thermal insulation – optimal isothermal profile
  • Hardware for the patio doors and double doors are set into the threshold
  • Protects against rain with a specially constructed outer cover plate as well as several insulating layers.
  • All installation types are possible (installation between side jambs or fitted underneath)
  • In case of damage, both partial and complete replacement is possible

Wood Decor

Acryl Color


PVC window handles

Specification Details Opening: Inside (Tilt & Turn) / outside (Turn) Frame profile: 6 chamber 8001 Sash profile: 6 chamber 8095 / 4 chamber 8078 Frame profile dimensions: 74 * 66 mm Sash profile dimensions: 74 * 78 mm / 74 * 105 mm Profile thermal insulation: Uf = 1.3 W/(m2*K) Glass: 2x energy glass 4mm/16mm/4mm with Argon gas Glass: 3x energy glass 4mm/16mm/4mm/16mm/4mm with Argon gas Glass thermal insulation: Ug = 0.6-1.1 W/(m2*K) Fittings: Siegenia Aubi Maco Safety mechanism: Basic security Steel reinforcements: Galvanized profile 1.5-2 mm Number of seals: 2 Glazing bead: Wide variation Spacer: Aluminum or thermo (swiss) Window thermal insulation: Uv = 0.86 W/(m2*K)

EK-01 (A)




EK-02 (A)


EK-02 (A) SAND 1


EK-02 (A) SAND 2


EK-02 (A) SAND 3


EK-02 (A) SAND 8


EK-03 (A)


EK-04 (A)


EK-04 (A) SAND 4


EK-04 (A) SAND 5


EK-04 (A) SAND 6


EK-04/6 (A)


EK-05 (A)


EK-06 (A)


EK-07 (A)


EK-08 (A)


EK-09 (A)


EK-10 (A)


EK-11 (A)


EK-12 (A)


EK-13 (A)


EK-14 (A)


EK-15 (A)


EK-16 (A)


EK-17 (A)


EK-18 (A)


EK-19 (A)


EK-20 (A)


EK-21 (A)


EK-22 (A)


EK-23 (A)


EK-24 (A)


EK-25 (A)


EK-26 (A)


EK-27 (A)


EK-28 (A)


EK-29 (A)


EK-30 (A)


EK-31 (A)


EK-32 (A)


EK-33 (A)


EK-34 (A)


EK-35 (A)


EK-36 (A)


EK-37 (A)


EK-38 (A)


EK-39 (A)


EK-40 (A)


EK-41 (A)


EK-42 (A)


EK-43 (A)


EK-44 (A)


EK-45 (A)


EK-46 (A)


EK-47 (A)


EK-48 (A)


EK-49 (A)


EK-50 (A)


EK-51 (A)



This series is available in any RAL colour, decoration and pasting RENOLIT, COVA or HORNSCHUCH. There is also the possibility of choice of the manufacturer of the lacquer at the client’s request.

Anthracite Gray,
7016 05


White, RAL


Cherry Amaretto,


Cherry Dunkel (dark cherry),
2052 090


Cremeweiss (cream),
1379 05


Douglas Brown,


Eiche Dunkel (dark oak),
2052 089


Eiche Rustikal (rustic oak),
4423 070


3162 002


2097 013


Mooreiche (marsh oak),
3167 004


The Night Sorrento Balsamico,
4393 042


Nuusbaum (nut),
2178 007




Golden Oak,



Decorative glass
Sand glass

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