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GEALAN S8000 HST Sliding and lifting doors U-value up to 0.86 W / m2K. Decreased sound before 45 Db

Information about lifting and sliding doors (HST)

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HST Lift & Slide sliding doors are used by people who have exceptional taste in art and appreciate a comfortable solution. HST doors are especially meant for very spacious areas, because these sliding doors can be produced in unbelievable measurements. With immense glass panels transforming any opening into glass wall and providing large quantities of light.

For this reason homeowners use them in patios, gardens, balconies and terraces. Due to the massive size of the door, special hardware is used that allows the sashes to slide smoothly and to stop it in any position. Due to flush mounted aluminum threshold, making any room easily accessible and giving a feeling of connectivity between indoor and outdoor.



  • Standard option: handle only inside
  • Additional: locking mechanism and handle inside or on both sides

HST S9000 corner

HST door advantages:

  • Designed for large openings. Maximum width up to 6m.
  • Flush mounted aluminum threshold which makes it user-friendly and virtually a threshold-less solution.
  • Large sash sizes admit a lot of daylight when used for spacious areas.
  • Exceptional structural strength and durability with no additional metal reinforcement required.
  • Achieved high air permeability (Category 4) and water resistance (Category 9A – 600 Pa) in performed tests.
  • Solid solution, easily opening and closing mechanisms.
  • Can be fixed in place in any position.

Wood Decor

Acryl Color


PVC window handles

Specification Details
Opening: Lift & Slide
Frame profile: 3 chamber 8360
Sash profile: 4 chamber 8362
Frame profile dimensions: 170 * 50 mm
Sash profile dimensions: 74 * 105 mm
Profile thermal insulation: Uf = 1.3 W/(m2*K)
Glass: 2x energy glass 4mm/16mm/4mm with Argon gas
Glass: 3x energy glass 4mm/16mm/4mm/16mm/4mm with Argon gas
Glass thermal insulation: Ug = 0.6-1.1 W/(m2*K)
Fittings: Siegenia Aubi Maco
Steel reinforcements: Galvanized profile 1.5-2 mm
Number of seals: 2
Glazing bead: Wide variation
Spacer: Aluminum or thermo (swiss)
Window thermal insulation: Uv = 0.86 W/(m2*K)
Threshold: Low aluminium
Min width: 1600 mm
Max width: 5000 mm

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