PVC Doors

PVC Doors


PVC doors are produced by German quality profile GEALAN. PVC doors have a lower cost than wooden or metal exterior doors. PVC doors can be purchased as a very similar exterior imitation of more expensive and less durable wooden doors. Because PVC doors do not absorb moisture like a wooden door, they are less likely to stretch and become difficult to close and close over time.


LÜMICO Gealan PVC doors come in a variety of colors and designs that do not need to be refurbished like on wooden doors, which must be painted or painted regularly. PVC doors can be hung on a weaker frame than is required for a heavy steel or wooden door. Exterior single doors are just one type of outer pvc door. Many homeowners choose PVC doors with glass inserts for patio fencing or balcony doors.

Wooden doors are much harder to scrub clean than the smooth surface of PVC. Wooden doors have often been painted ever see clean when they are a few years old. Metal doors can be scratched and may need to be painted with a thick paint to cover the marks.

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