Tilt-and-Slide Doors


Tilt and sliding Gealan S8000 PSK is a parallel sliding door with an additional weathering/ vent air mode. This type of sliding door is best suited for smaller ones.

Information about corners and sliding doors (PSK)

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The Gealan S8000 PSK Tilt & Slide is a parallel sliding door with an extra tilt ventilation option to it. This type of sliding door is most suitable for smaller openings of up to 3,6 m.



  • Sliding doors are manufactured of window profiles, with tilt ventilation.
  • The sash slides on an aluminum railing inside, which is placed on the front of the frame profile.
  • The sash weight cannot exceed 200kg.
  • Wide selection of different schemes.

sliding opened


  • Standard option: handle only inside with automatic mechanism
  • Additional: locking mechanism inside or on both sides


  • Economical alternative for HST Lift & Slide door
  • High firmness (multi-point locking fittings and seals)
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Attractive look
  • Parallel sliding solution does not occupy the room
  • Easy to operate

•  No threshold (window frame profile)
•  Limited technical parameters


Wood Decor

Acryl Color


PVC window handles

Specification Details
Opening: Tilt & Slide
Frame profile: 4 chamber 8013
Sash profile: 4 chamber 8081
Frame profile dimensions: 74 * 81 mm
Sash profile dimensions: 74 * 105 mm
Profile thermal insulation: Uf = 1.3 W/(m2*K)
Glass: 2x energy glass 4mm/16mm/4mm with Argon gas
Glass: 3x energy glass 4mm/16mm/4mm/16mm/4mm with Argon gas
Glass thermal insulation: Ug = 0.6-1.1 W/(m2*K)
Fittings: Siegenia Aubi Maco
Steel reinforcements: Galvanized profile 1.5-2 mm
Number of seals: 2
Glazing bead: Wide variation
Spacer: Aluminum or thermo (swiss)
Window thermal insulation: Uv = 0.86 W/(m2*K)
Threshold: No threshold
Min width: 1400 mm
Max width: 3500 mm

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