Not all windows are installed yet. Only the window that opens can be found in place. Here are a few pictures of it. Other windows will come to the cottage and will be installed next summer.


The products are of excellent quality. I was really positively surprised. I used to order similar windows from Finland for my whole house, and I have to admit that you have better quality. For example, my old windows (installed 2017) do not have a sealing strip inside the frame that is in your frames.
The service has also been very high quality. You then got a call (when my previous relatives picked up my relatives from your factory) to make sure I got the windows. Last day today, I praised the neighbor’s man for not having received such great service and customer care elsewhere.

So in summary, thanks for the great service and products. I promise to recommend you whenever there comes talk from the windows.





Koria, Finland

Koria, Suomi