3D rendering of a luxurious villa with contrasting realistic rendering and wireframe

Windows as a part of the facade is an expression of style and quality of life. Their emotional factor plays an important role. Visual elegance for an attractive live atmosphere is just as important as the cost of manufacturing and technical aspects, such as heat and sound insulation and protection against burglary.

PVC Windows


Light, energy-efficient PVC windows from LÜMICO do not require painting, design treatment or varnishing. Fully welded window frames are frames of the strength and durability. And the interior and exterior of LÜMICO PVC windows look very well for years. Read more about each style of PVC window below.

Alumium Windows


Aluminum systems allow to produce many different types of windows, depending on the volume and specific function requirements,  requirements  of esthetics, thermal insulation, protection against burglary, smoke control or fire safety. There are both structures without thermal insulation, purposed for the production of internal partitions and doors.