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The Gealan S 9000 system ultimate design allow to achieve Uw = 0.96 W / m2K thermal insulation conditions. The six-chamber design of the frame provides in addition to excellent insulation perfect noise blocking as well.

GEALAN S9000 profile system windows have the best and lowest thermal conductivity (U-value) that makes them the best choice for customers looking for warm windows.

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GEALAN S9000 is a future proof system that can be used equally both for new buildings and for replacements. The system meets the highest requirements of energy efficient windows and has the best thermal insulation properties on the market, making it most suitable for passive houses.

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Advantages of GEALAN S9000 system windows

6 chambers in window frame, sash, and shaft for excellent heat-saving and acoustic insulation properties. Uf = 0.92 W/m²K.

Installation width of 82.5 mm, which is ideally suitable for new buildings and offers myriad of uses in additional details of other system profiles (frame extensions and connection profiles).

Integrated additional third seal to increase tightness, thermal, sound characteristics of the window and protects the mechanisms from the moisture.

Precisely fitting steel reinforcement in the window`s frame and sash for an ideal correlation between statics and thermal insulation.

Maximum thickness of 52mm for triple glazing unit (STV® 54mm).

Design-oriented. Narrow profile width and 15° angle for timeless visual appearance.

Increased installation glass height of 26 mm for improved thermal parameters and to protect against sensitive to the cold part.

Wide selection of decorative films and acryl colors for better aesthetics.

When combined with STV® (static dry glazing) technology, unprecedented window sizes can be produced with functional benefits.

Improved protection against burglary.

Enhanced indoor climate with patented ventilation GECOO system (optional). Prevents mold growth, saves energy and controls air supply.


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Advantages of PVC windows


Best quality-to-price ratio

100% recyclable and fully ecological (green solution)

Effectively soundproof


Very durable

Long lifespan, up to 40 years

Energy efficient and heat saving

Easy to maintain, to care and to operate

8242 REHAU Sustainability BR.indd

Wood Decor

Acryl Color


Acryl color only for S9000

PVC window handles

Specification Details
Opening: Inside
Frame profile: 6 chamber 6002
Sash profile: 6 chamber 6003
Frame profile dimensions: 82.5 * 70 mm
Sash profile dimensions: 82.5* 82 mm
Profile thermal insulation: Uf = 0.92 W/(m2*K)
Glass: 2x energy glass 4mm/16mm/4mm with Argon gas
Glass: 3x energy glass 4mm/16mm/4mm/16mm/4mm with Argon gas
Glass thermal insulation: Ug = 0.6-1.1 W/(m2*K)
Fittings: Siegenia Aubi Maco
Safety mechanism: Basic security
Steel reinforcements: Galvanized profile 1.5-2 mm
Number of seals: 3
Glazing bead: Wide variation
Spacer: Aluminum or thermo (swiss)
Window thermal insulation: Uv = 0.72 W/(m2*K)
Additional ventilation: Gecco 3 and Gecco 4
Wind load resistance: Category C according DIN18055: 1981-10 and DINEN12207
Water resistance: Category7Α
Air permeability: Category 4
Sound isolation: 31 dB

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