PVC Windows

Not all PVC windows are similar. Differences in profile design affect on the technical properties of the window. Windows of the latest generation Gealan profile systems not only look attractive,

But also as complex geometry profiles, including the smallest details, have been brought to the smallest detail to meet all technical requirements. From heat and sound insulation to protection against burglary and ventilation, GEALAN PVC profiles are “modern”.

Energy Efficient (Gealan s8000)

GEALAN S8000 is a system with a wide variety of applications, both in new construction and in repair. The system meets all the requirements for energy-saving windows and has high heat and sound insulation properties. The optimum solution is provided by the construction of the sealing tape, the optimization of the material for simple and economical production.
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Premium (Gealan S9000)

GEALAN S9000 is a future security system that is also suitable for older buildings, as well as in new building and repair. The system meets the highest requirements for energy-saving windows and has the best thermal insulation properties on the market, which makes it extremely suitable for passive houses.
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Liv Line

Lümico Schüco Liv Line this window arrangement is great. Our 20years experience and advanced construction work has led to the fact that we have developed a product second to none.
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Decco 71

Decco 71 system profile. 6-chamber system made of outstanding white PVC. Functional, universal and elegant.
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