Energy efficient (Gealan S8000)

S 8000 IQ profile system is a new product with a width of 74 mm that meets all the requirements of modern window technology. It has remarkable heat insulation properties thanks to its six-chamber construction.


GEALAN S8000 profile window is the most popular product among our customers

Benefits of the Gealan S8000 IQ system

  • 6-chamber profile in frame and sash for improved heat and sound insulation properties. Uf = 1.3 W / m²K.
  • Profile depth of 74mm fits both old and new buildings and offers a variety of applications for optional details of other system profiles (frame extension and connection profiles).
  • Large profile chamber for steel reinforcement in window frame and sash for extra strength.
  • Patented passive ventilation system GECCO improves room climate (available as an option).
  • For better aesthetics there is a wide selection of colors: wood decor or acrylic color tones.
  • Very durable thanks to whole steel reinforcements in frame and sash
  • Round and square glass lists are available.
  • Easy to clean, thanks to a generously large sash profile.


GEALAN S8000 is the system with the most varied use both for new construction and renovations. The system meets all requirements for energy-efficient windows and has high thermal and sound-insulating properties.
The design with sealing strip in folds, material optimization for simple and economical production makes it the most optimal solution.

Advantages of PVC windows

  • Aesthetics
  • The best quality and price ratio
  • 100% Recyclable and completely organic (green solutions)
  • Effectively soundproofed
  • Weatherproof
  • Very durable
  • Long life, up to 40 years
  • Energy-efficient and heat-saving
  • Easy to maintain, care for and use


More quiet

The GEALAN S8000 windows have a very thick glass unit - up to 44 mm, while many competitors have only 40 mm thick.

Such glasses prevent sound coming into your home. Although the windows are located close to the construction site or a busy street, the room is always quiet and comfortable.

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Maintaining space climate

Colder in the summer

Warmer in the summer

The GEALAN S8000 windows perfectly protect your home from overheating in the summer. In warm weather heat waves are reflected back from the windows.

Because of this, even rooms that are on the sunny side, maintain a pleasantly cool and you save on air conditioning.

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More secure

Thermal insulation

Compare the level of thermal insulation of typical windows and GEALAN S8000 windows!

Typical window

Thermal insulation 1,2 W/(m2*K)

Profile GEALAN S8000

Thermal insulation 0,86 W/(m2*K)

The advantages of S8000 IQ windows

The economy as a goal

S 8000 IQ profile system shows GEALAN consistent focus on market needs. The goal of this system with the gaskets and an installation depth of 74 mm was to create a cost-effective profile with optimum use of materials, for the easier and more efficient manufacture of windows.

  • An installation depth of 74 mm provides excellent thermal and sound insulation
  • Large main chamber for large steel stiffening elements
  • Efficient use of materials in the profile geometry saves resources and thus helps the environment
  • Only a stiffening steel needed for frames, sashes and cutters
  • Possibility of improved room climate and increased living comfort with the patented GECCO ventilation system for a controlled exchange between indoor and outdoor air
  • Available in a large selection of acrylic color and (wood grain) decor foils

Statics: large-scale planning

Particular attention was paid to profile stability in the development of the S 8000 IQ system. The main chambers for steel stiffening elements were therefore correspondingly large.

The result is very high bending stiffness of the standard stiffening elements, which in turn promotes the profile stability. This opens the door to the construction of large parts, and also allows window manufacturers to meet specific requirements for large windows.

  • The maximum height of window elements is determined by the window width and the resulting total surface area.
  • When the windows are large, the window elements are subject to great forces.
  • Stable steel stiffening elements ensure high bending stiffness and allow for the construction of large windows.



Golden Oak – renolit 2178001

Swamp Oak – renolit 3167004

Nut – renolit 2178001

Mahogany – renolit 2178001


Oregon – renolit 1192001

Douglas Fir – renolit 3069037

Winchester XA – renolit 49240

Natural Nut – renolit 4252041

Mountain Pine – renolit 3069041

Light Oak – renolit 3118076

Cherry – renolit 4252043

Walnut – renolit 4252042

Macore – renolit 3162002

Siena PR Rosso – renolit 49233

Siena PN Noce – renolit 49237

Dark Oak – renolit 2178001

Chocolate Brown – renolit 887505

Anthracite – renolit 701605

Navy Blue – renolit 515005

Green – renolit 612505

Cream – renolit 137905

Grey – renolit 715505



RAL 7015

RAL 7016

RAL 7040

RAL 8014

ACRYLCOLOR dark brown

ACRYLCOLOR silver, similar to RAL 9007

ACRYLCOLOR silver, similar to RAL 9006


RAL 3011

RAL 6009

RAL 7039


RAL 9010 – white
Нет данных.
Specification, Details Open : Inward Profil de cadre: 6 chambres 8001 Profilé de voûte de fenêtre: 6 chambre 8095 Dimensions du profilé de cadre :, 74 * 66 mm Dimensions de profilé de voûte de fenêtre: 74 x 78 mm Isolation thermique du profilé: Uf = 1,3 W / (m2 * K) Verre: 2x verre énergétique 4mm / 16mm / 4 avec gaz Argon Verre: 3x verre énergétique 4mm / 16mm / 4mm / 16mm / 4 avec gaz Argon Isolation thermique du verre: Ug = 0.6-1.1 W / (m2 * K) Raccords: Siegenia Aubi Maco Mécanisme de sécurité: Sécurité de base Armature en acier: Profil galvanisé de 1,5-2 mm Nombre de joints: 2 Moulure de vitrage: grande variété Entretoises: aluminium ou thermo (suisse) Isolation de la fenêtre: Uv = 0,86 W / (m2 * K) Ventilation supplémentaire: Gecco 3 et Gecco 4 Résistance au vent: catégorie C selon DIN18055: 1981-1910 et DINEN12207 Imperméabilité: Catégorie7Α Perméabilité à l'air: Catégorie 4 Catégorie 4 Isolation acoustique: 31 dB [/ Mp_table]  s8000-certified


The modern glazing technology used in windows means that not only are interior spaces warm, but noise is also reduced. Good heat retention and noise reduction improve relaxation and effective work.
Security glass packages provide additional peace of mind, while a rich variety of ornamental designs increase the attractiveness of the panes.


Double-glazing is the standard in modern windows. The panes are separated by a cavity filled with argon gas, which has far better insulation properties than air.

  • Good heat retention
  • Noise reduction


Triple-glazing is intended for those who want highly efficient heat retention.
The third panes naturally increases the space between the panes, increasing the effectiveness of the insulation.

  • Effective lessening of heat loss
  • Even better noise reduction


Ornamental panes can be used to achieve an original look of the window. These ornamental panes can be used in many situations thanks to their many different functional and decorative features. They work well as elements of interior dividing walls, as well as in bathrooms or kitchens. A wide range of styles means they can be used in residential and commercial buildings.


Niagara mat


Master carre



Delta mat

Reflective panes

Reflective panes are intended for spaces where highly transparent panes could lead to unwanted heat in the room. Of course, they can also be used in homes, offices and public buildings. Reflective panes are manufactured from colored glass additionally coated with metal or a metal-oxide, which reflects the sun’s rays like a mirror.


These days, increasing security is one our top priorities. Thanks to technological progress, anti-burglary bars which detract from the visual appeal of the building need no longer be installed. Anti-burglary class (P2) panes are intended for single-family homes, hotel, office and shop windows with standard security needs. For those with higher security needs, such as villas, chemists, luxury apartments or shopping centers, a higher class anti-burglary pane (P4) is available.

Glazing bars

Glazing bars play a decorative role, increasing the aesthetic quality of the window and giving it a specific character. At one time they were used only in wooden windows. Today they can also be found in PVC windows.

Interior glazing bars

These are a classic option with a unique appearance. They are installed between the window panes and comprise in integral part of the pane package. Thanks to this system, they are not affected by the air, dust or moisture. As a result, they require no special cleaning or maintenance.

Lengths available: 18 mm, 26 mm, and 45 mm

Exterior PVC glazing bars

Exterior glazing bars are glued directly to the outside of the window pane. These were once most popular with wooden widows, but now are being used in PVC windows as well. Exterior glazing bars are made of the same materials as the windows, which ensures a matching look.

Lengths available: 8 mm, 18 mm, 26 mm, and 45 mm

Available colors


Available thicknesses (1: 1 scale)


Modern PVC windows can be used in practically every type of building

Those who value comfort, functionality, and safety have for years chosen modern PVC windows from LÜMICO. Our customers have confirmed their durability, especially in terms of their resistance to atmospheric factors and their stability PVC windows also save time, as they do not require complicated maintenance, and because of their wide color range, they can be matched to every interior. Their heat retention qualities mean that they are comfortable and economical in use, but also that they are environmentally friendly. They retain valuable heat in the home due to their multi-chambered structure and profile width of as much as 85 mm. Additionally, proper glazing enhances their acoustic properties, which in turn enhances users’ quality of our life

Because we care about our customers, we have thoroughly tested our windows. An Authorised Monitoring Institute has confirmed that our GEALAN profiles guarantee professional anti-burglar protection. The safety of the family while still maintaining an appealing appearance is of the greatest importance. Connoisseurs of modern architecture understand this perfectly and pay particular attention to aesthetics and high quality when it comes to heat retention, acoustic insulation, and anti-burglar protection

Technically advanced GEALAN profile windows offered by LÜMICO are perfectly suited to meet the needs of the modern building. They are also a perfect choice for individualists who desire windows with unique shapes or colors. With LÜMICO, modern technology also means modern design, which allows customers to choose windows to match their favorite architectural styles while still maintaining high standards. LÜMICO is a company which satisfies the tastes of the most demanding customers


  • 1 Excellent thermal insulation thanks to six chambers in the frame and leaf
  • 2 Highly static steel elements in the frame and leaf
  • 3 Easy care thanks to large and smooth surfaces
  • 4 Choice of flush design with flat leaf, or semi-recessed design with a rounded leaf with rounded bead


  • 1 VSO corner drive/short
  • 2 VSO corner drive/SP-S
  • 3 DT catch
  • 4 Hinge 7
  • 5 Extra short hinge (100/130 kg)
  • 6 VSU/BS corner drive
  • 7 Turn catch S 56
  • 8 Tilt catch
  • 9 Espagnolette 3
  • 10 180° UR finishing
  • 11 Sash lift right/left
  • 12 Anti-jamming blockade (axle 13)
  • 13 Balcony gearbox
  • 14 Balcony gearbox collar
  • 15 KF Ø 6 x 12 DH hinge
  • 16 Ø 6 hinge pin
  • 17 S cover (white) 1
  • 18 W cover (white) 1
  • 19 KF-12/20-13 2 corner hinge
  • 20 KF Ø 6 x 24/3 frame hinge
  • 21 Ø 7 mm bearing pin
  • 22 EL U cover (white) 1
  • 23 KF Ø 6 x 16/36 hinge


The modern hardware system: More room comfort for your customers, more efficiency for your production.

Whether from the architect's design perspective or from a security, energy and functional point of view, in any dimension, TITAN is an example of what we understand room comfort to be. In terms of fabrication, assembly and logistics, TITAN also opens up diverse opportunities to save time and cut costs in the production process.

The benefits of TITAN AF

  • Flexible integration into existing production processes
  • Reduced installation time thanks to numerous product improvements
  • Sophisticated logistics to increase efficiency and profitability
  • High-quality materials, efficient workability and maximum functionality
  • Window elements available up to resistance class 3
  • Extensive design options for individual room comfort

More versatility in one system

Sash components

  • Gear
  • Corner drive
  • Tilt-lock elements
  • Top stay

Frame parts

  • Standard striker plates
  • Security striker plates
  • Tilt lock bearing 56 S-RS
  • Tilt lock bearing S-ES FH

Hinge sides

  • TITAN axxent 24+
  • TITAN Si-line


  • Sash lifter
  • TITAN Additional comfort stay
  • Mishandling device
  • Sash brake
  • Snapper
  • Summer-winter night vent

More capabilities with hardware for windows


The innovative hardware system for assembly on the pre-weld profile

TITAN for timber

The hardware system that will shorten your assembly time

TITAN iP for timber

The innovative hardware system for assembly on the pre-weld profile

Sash components TITAN AF PVC

To achieve more with fewer components, quality is required. With TITAN, this is invested in unique product details such as the tried and tested comfort mushroom cam and the click-on coupling feature with fine toothing. But it also shows in every work step that is simplified or even omitted, thanks to TITAN. The clever system concept tightens your logistics and will lead you more quickly to success.


Sets new comfort and security standards with ease.

Modern TITAN gears set new standards with ease. In interaction with TITAN comfort mushroom cams, they are the pivotal point for lasting high ease of use and consistent burglar resistance, but also the key to considerably greater efficiency. Because all components can be screwed into place perfectly and automatically due to their tolerance-insensitive clamping and then remain precisely and firmly seated for the long term.

TITAN comfort mushroom cam

    Automatic tolerance compensation.
  • Continuous height adjustment: equalises air-gap tolerances and independently changes framework conditions, such as temperature fluctuation, therefore simplifying installation
  • Maximum ease of use due to an optimally adjusted, smooth-running and durable locking system at all times
  • Effective system setup with TITAN comfort mushroom cam: Fewer components and less warehousing for solutions up to RC2 and more
  • High intruder resistance can be achieved

Corner drive

The multi-functional corner: One component – wide range of benefits.

The multi-functional corner, which can be used for all sash sizes, is much more than merely a corner drive. Because it combines several functions in one single component and perceptibly provides greater comfort with minimum warehousing. Opening, tilting and closing is especially smooth-running because the sash is lifted early and cushioned to allow it to slide gently into the frame. Misuse is impossible!

  1. Tilt lock
  2. Locking part
  3. Sash lifter
  4. Mishandling device

Click-on coupling feature

High precision fine toothing.

Reduces the assembly and installation time by enabling a particularly easy and secure joining of the components – with less "play" and loss of a stroke. RC1 and RC2 versions can be achieved without additional cutting processes.


Insensitive to tolerance and automatically screwable.

Effortlessly automated screwing is possible due to the reliable clamping of all components. Permanently secured positioning of hardware components is guaranteed.

Top stay

Draws better, brakes more gently.

  • Larger tolerances thanks to the smaller stay thickness
  • Optimal tilt stay lead-in in order to close wide windows effortlessly, too
  • More load-bearing capacity and comfort with minimum wear: High-quality PVC slider and serial friction bushing for gentle sliding into the tilt position Integrated anti-slam device in tilt position, which also cushions the stop
  • Shift interlock in tilt position prevents mishandling

Products TITAN AF

More capabilities with TITAN AF

TITAN AF frame parts

TITAN Hinge sides

TITAN vent secure The secured night vent up to RC2

TITAN AF accessories

Frame parts TITAN AF PVC

Here is the evidence that consistent burglar resistance is no longer only a question of ease of movement, durability or appearance: The TITAN family sets new trends in terms of safety and low wear and tear with its new generation of frame parts that are optimally tailored to suit our comfort mushroom cam and are impressive thanks to the contemporary design.

Standard striker plates

No compromising even in the standard version.

  • High-tensile material combination of PVC and steel that guarantees unrivalled low wear and tear
  • Optimal contact pressure and easy switching comfort
  • Run-in on PVC is especially smooth-running and abrasion-free
  • Extremely low maintenance and durable in interaction with TITAN comfort mushroom cam including height adjustment and rolling function
  • High-quality, contemporary design
  • With a height of only 8 mm also ideal for turning low or narrow windows

Security striker plates

So secure, light and durable: TITAN sets the standard.

With a high-strength steel-PVC combination, only 8 mm height and the simplest jig technique, TITAN security striker plates easily ensure RC2 burglar resistance for your windows – or you can upgrade them efficiently due to the TITAN system concept. Naturally with the lowest wear and tear, without any curtailment of ease of use and in a perfect design, which can also be highlighted with your individual logoclip thus intensifying your customer loyalty.

Tilt lock bearing 56 S-RS

The perfect option for VSU/K 56+ corner drives

High burglar resistance and permanently smooth-running ease of use thanks to the sash lifter roller and the combination with TITAN comfort mushroom cam

  • More efficiency in production: Can be used on the left or right
  • Effective production processes and uniform appearance due to equal component length (56 mm) and screw positions as with the standard and security striker plates
  • Can also be used with pole connectors without any problems
  • Can be used in conjunction with the multi-functional corner
  •  Logoclip with customized customer logo possible

Tilt lock bearing S-ES FH

The tried and tested solution for VSU S-ES corner drives

  • Reliable intruder resistance ranging from basic security to the higher classes due to the combinations with mushroom cams that have already been tried and tested with FAVORIT
  • More efficiency in production, left and right use due to integrated, bilateral PVC run-up for the inliner sash lifter
  •  Solid steel upper part
  • Harmonious colour schemes of the PVC packer with grey seals

Products TITAN AF

More capabilities with TITAN AF

TITAN AF Sash components

TITAN hinge sides

TITAN AF vent secure The secured night vent up to RC2

TITAN AF accessories

TITAN PVC hinge sides

TITAN has exactly the right hinge side for every PVC window, bringing the maximum load capacity, minimum wear, and high-quality design consistently down to one single common denominator. The complete width of the hinge side naturally includes great benefits throughout the entire production process.

TITAN axxent 24+

Fully concealed perfection: TITAN axxent 24+.

With its clear, high-quality appearance, this new concealed TITAN axxent 24+ hinge side is further evidence that invisibility is now the symbol of quality and style. And not only because fully concealed hardware and large window surfaces with narrower frame widths as the central design element are now completely in vogue. But also because with axxent, this functions more easily, durably and safely than ever before – with high-strength materials in a perfect material combination and state-of-the-art assembly technology.

  • Only four hinge side components for each window and a high degree of preassembly
  • High load-bearing capacity up to a sash weight of 150 kg without additional parts
  • No additional frame parts and corner drives necessary

  • Sash is easy to fit in the slightly opened turn or tilt position
  • Optimally accessible 3D-adjustment possibilities: Continuous pressure adjustment on the top and bottom pivot for optimal sealing
  • Can be used for timber and timber-aluminium profiles with at least 24 mm rebate width, as well as for PVC profiles and aluminium systems with a 16 mm groove

More compression – less wear and tear.

  • Completely concealed pivots for a perfect window design
  • Particularly wear-resistant and durable
  • Continuous seal and integrated pressure adjustment for more compression and increased thermal insulation
  • Lasting high ease of use due to the simple possibility of readjustment
  • The bottom hinge is kept clean thanks to an attractive cover cap


Elegant and really efficient: TITAN PVC surface-mounted hinge side.

The surface-mounted TITAN hinge side for PVC windows combines high-quality, lean design with high levels of safety and efficiency in the fabrication process. This is also provided by the particularly assembly-friendly stay hinge, which easily snaps into the stay arm and can be turned in the required stop direction without any problems.

TITAN PVC hinge side:

  • For sash weights up to 100 kg or 130 kg with identical frame clearance
  • Lean and modern design: Flush with the rebate at the top and bottom, all screws concealed, caps and coating possible
  • Notch corner hinge optionally with pressure adjustment
  • Sealing chamfer and beading in the stay hinge
  • Drilling on the pre-weld rod is possible, fixings in line
  • Can easily be hinged in every opening position thanks to the polygon-shaped top hinge pin with integrated turn restriction
  • Wear-resistant PVC bearing and entrance protection in the tilt position

TITAN PVC stay hinge:

  • Convenient stay hinge coupling for a rational, time-saving installation and a lasting, secure connection – no tooling required
  • Lower logistics spend and minimal warehousing due to compact, non-handed components
  • Integrated turn restriction: stops the sash from dropping out of the turn position when there is a draught, for example

TITAN Si-line

The flexible solution for PVC: TITAN Si-line

  • Convenient and durable for up to 130 kg sash weight
  • All components can be used on the right or left
  • Quick and simple assembly technology
  • Tool-free assembly of the stay hinge
  • Top and bottom hinges with wear-resistant PVC sleeves
  • Integrated turn restriction and pressure adjustment

Hinge sides with system.

You can ideally fabricate our TITAN hinge sides both with TITAN AF and TITAN iP. It is just the TITAN axxent SE hinge side that is only available for TITAN AF:


The hardware system for reduced assembly time.


The innovative hardware system for assembly on the pre-weld profile


The tried and tested classical hardware

Hardware for PVC

More capabilities with hardware for PVC

TITAN vent secure

The secured night vent up to RC2

TITAN and FAVORIT handles

TITAN AF PVC accessories

For the wide range of demands in residential and commercial construction, TITAN is set up as strategic and forward-looking. With the clever optional accessories, you have more freedom of design and you can react to individual customer wishes quickly and flexibly and exploit the full performance spectrum of our TITAN hardware. Naturally, accessories can easily be integrated into the production and combined with each other.

Sash lifter

Practically offsets the gravity.

The sash lifter cushions the stop of the sash and lifts it a little while closing. In this way it allows wide window sashes, which tend to subside in the course of time, to still slide gently and safely into the frame, even after many years, for durably high ease of use with maximum functional reliability. Three different versions are available.

Sash lift roller (inliner)

Can also be used on secondary sashes.

The sash lifter roller (inliner)  can be integrated into all conceivable windows, for example round arch or pitched windows, or in secondary sashes. An additional frame part is not necessary since the run-up is integrated into the inserted tilt lock bearing.

Sash lifter on the multi-functional corner.

One component – a wide range of benefits.

With the multi-functional corner that can be used for all sash sizes, a sash lifter is naturally included in addition to a mishandling device. Moreover, this smart corner drive also combines the tilt lock and locking function in one single component.

TITAN Additional comfort stay

Tilting without teetering – Lock without using force.

The new additional comfort stay is mechanical locking support by means of a force-storing spring connected to the frame and the sash profile. This tensions itself when the window is tilted, making the closing of heavy sashes and patio doors as light as a feather by "discharging" their force. The tilting process itself becomes safer and more convenient. Because a hard stop and teetering of the window are permanently prevented.

  • No more wobbling while tilting open and protection of the bearing positions
  • Tilt locking of large and heavyweight elements is as light as a feather due to force accumulator function
  • Quick and ultra-easy assembly
  • Minimum logistics thanks to fewer components
  • Easy to retrofit in existing windows without dirt or contamination – Smart opportunities for additional business

Mishandling device

Mistakes happen? Not with TITAN!

  • Secured turn and tilt position with high functional reliability and direct effect
  • Customised product versions are available for all window sizes and shapes
  • No tools required
  • Total functionality in large air gap sections
  • Also easy to retrofit on installed windows

Sash brake

Exactly the right opening width - even with strong draughts

  • Stops the window sash with an individually adjustable opening width
  • Protects against sudden slamming open or closed in case of intense ventilation
  • High level of functional reliability due to overload protection
  • Fully concealed
  • Easy to assemble and retrofit for sash rebate widths of 470 – 960 mm


Protection against slamming balcony and patio doors.

  • Keeps the patio door in the locking position while closing
  • Protects against sudden slamming open or closed in case of draughts and protects the material
  • Less assembly time and warehousing: Standard striker plate as frame part
  • In the standard version:  Particularly wear-resistant stop piece with an optimised point of entry curve as well as adjustable latching force
  • Comfort version: Is equipped with a release function in the tilt position, ensuring it can be tilted as smoothly as usual
  • Can be used for sash rebate widths of 1401 – 3000 mm

Summer-winter night vent

More comfortable ventilation thanks to adjustable tilt opening width.

The energy saving stay lets you easily adjust the amount of incoming air to the respective outside climate when venting windows. Thus, unpleasant draughts and energy costs can be reduced with one simple move of the hand.

  • Summer vent feature: Normal tilt position
  • Winter vent feature: approx. 40 mm tilt opening position
  • Activation in one easy step without any tools
  • Integrated anti-slam device
  • Assembled quickly and easy to retrofit

Products TITAN AF

More capabilities with TITAN AF

TITAN AF frame parts

TITAN AF Sash components

TITAN Hinge sides

TITAN vent secure

The secured night vent up to RC2

Safety for you

If you care about the safety of your family, only a tested and reliable the solution will do. We can provide this thanks to the new generation frame elements manufactured by the Siegienia company, ideally suited to our mushroom locking cams.

Remember that windows which are secured from inside:

  • can be smoothly and easily tilted, and do not open by themselves
  • have hardware which prevents the frame from slipping out of the hinges
  • can not be opened accidentally by a child

Anti-theft hardware

WK1 type

WK2 type*

The number of anti-theft strikers depends on the construction and size of the window. This example is for a 1465 mm x 1435 mm window.

Aereco ventilation

Aereco ventilation helps keep air exchange in rooms matched to current needs. The most important factor in matching the amount of air drawn into and out of rooms is relative humidity. This is directly related to the number of occupants and the type of activities. carried out which involve the emission of steam, such as washing, cooking, or bathing. Thanks to hydro-controlled grilles, the Aereco systems allows outside air to be drawn into and out of the room at varying rates. As levels of humidity change, a special polyamide tape lengthens or shortens, in turn changing the permeability of the grilles. As a result, the amount of air flowing through the frame changes.

Ventair II ventilation

Ventair II ventilation ensures the correct flow of fresh air into the room. It is intended for use in rooms fitted with gravitational or mechanical ventilation.

This model features a self-regulating system, thanks to which the amount of air drawn in is stable, regardless of such factors as wind or temperature. This type of ventilation system is mounted in the space between the leaf and frame, in the upper horizontal parts of the window construction. It comprises two elements - an air intake mounted outside and a regulator mounted on the inside of the window. These elements are linked by a gap in the window profile which allows air to flow.

PVC windows from the manufacturer without overpayment

  • German profiles and fittings

    Profile – GEALAN, fittings - Siegenia
  • Windows produced by robot

    Windows are manufactures by German machine URBAN
  • We produce windows in accordance with ISO and CE

    We comply with technical requirements
  • Windows price from40 €
  • Profile and fittings from Germany
  • Free consultation and calculation of windows

Today, few people doubt the practicality of PVC windows. It is difficult to argue with the fact that they are aesthetic, hygienic, universal and are the product of serious engineering developments.

PVC window manufacturers are constantly improving designs, achieving optimal performance for different operating conditions.



The apartment will be much warmer..


Installing plastic windows by 10-45% will reduce the size of your utility costs during the heating season.


The operational life of PVC structures is much higher than that of wooden windows.


The variety of models of window systems allows you to make a design that best fits each specific operating conditions.


The restrained aesthetics of classic plastic windows ensure their harmonious entry into any interior and exterior. For greater organicity, the profile is stained or laminated.


PVC has no restrictions in shape, so you can buy a round, oval or any other window, while its price will be significantly lower than the cost of a wooden counterpart.


Sound insulation products will allow you to forget about street noise.


Special accessories will be a reliable barrier to unauthorized entry.


Thanks to the use of microsystems for the automatic supply of air into the room, PVC plastic windows do not freeze or fog up.


Products require minimal maintenance, no annual dyeing, insulation and other labor-intensive activities.

Where to order quality PVC windows?

Lümico company has every reason to assert that its products compare favorably with many other offers on the market..

Our advantages are as follows:

We provide strict quality control of materials, technological process, finished products.

We are individually work with each client, a formal approach and stamped goods - this is not about us.

We offer reasonable prices for products meeting the highest quality criteria.

We practice flexible discount system that makes our offers more affordable.

We are following for innovations and systematically implement them into production.

If you want to buy plastic windows that perfectly match the conditions of your apartment or house - contact us!

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