Wooden and aluminum windows

Wooden and aluminum windows — are probably the best combination of beauty and quality.

These are windows, in which wood and aluminum are combined to achieve maximum interaction of convenience and aesthetics of each material. Wood is known as environmentally friendly material, which creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. Using wooden-aluminum windows provides the best protection from the atmospheric factors, which means durability of the windows.


Våra aluminiumklädda träfönster ger dig det bästa från två världar med träets naturliga fördelar och aluminiumets styrka. Vilken av våra lösningar som passar bäst för dig beror på vad du är ute efter när det gäller profiltjocklek, värme- och ljudisolering och mycket annat.

Tack vare våra avancerade tillverkningsprocesser kan vi anpassa ditt nya fönster utefter dina exakta önskemål och på så vis får du ett fönster som inte bara möter utan även överträffar dina förväntningar. Välj mellan högkvalitativa träsorter så som tall, mahogny och ek.

Wood — aluminum 78 mm

Wooden windows made of 3-layered wood. For connoisseurs of classics and natural materials.

This construction with aluminum cover is available in variations with a profile thickness of 78 mm. Often installed 3-glass glass, for more effective thermal and sound insulation.

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Wood — aluminum 68 mm

The main difference is the aluminum cover, which performs the function of protecting the window – almost like a tree bark. We make windows from carefully selected and layered glued wood of pine, mahogany (Meranti) or oak.

Windows processed according to strict European standards, which guarantees an undeniable quality of the product. A wide range of colors patterns and advanced production technology allows us to adapt the operational parameters and the final appearance of the window to the requirements of each Client.

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Wooden Profile Technology

Lumico windows and doors are produced from the best types of pine, oak, and exotic meranti mahogany.

The production process of wooden profiles demands extremely careful drying of the wood. At Lumico, we have fully automated this procedure, guaranteeing the correct results.

The use of laminated elements, not solid pieces of wood as in the past, completely eliminates the problem of warping in the wood. A triple-laminated material with parallel structure gives signiğcantly better technical properties than solid wood of the same shape.

Wooden proğles are constantly subjected to the effects of the atmosphere such as moisture and wind, meaning that durability is crucial. Our windows are made more durable by a process of impregnation and a surface coating of lacquer consisting of a grounding coat, a base coat, an inter-layer, and a ğnishing coat. To meet the demands of the market, we have installed the most modern drying and lacquering facility in Europe at our plant.


Wooden windows are something more than just a frame and leaf. They're a statement about your lifestyle!

Though wooden windows have always been popular, in recent years the number of their fans has been dynamically growing. That's because of the long-standing fashion for ecology, a healthy lifestyle, and the desire to be surrounded by natural products with the highest quality of manufacturing.

Fans of wooden windows are also fans of classic style, people who search out products and solutions grounded in the best Polish traditions. Lumico can meet the expectations of every customer!

Of course the wooden windows produced today bear little resemblance to those from years ago while still maintaining a nobility of spirit and elegant style, drawing praise from those who see them.

They are most often produced from high-quality pine wood. Other popular choices are oak, and even exotics such as meranti. Our standard frames are produced from triple-laminated wood, correctly dried, thanks to which they achieve excellent statics. Other essential features are impregnation, paint and lacquered.

Generally, wooden windows have a 68 mm profile, but we've gone one step further and offer 78 mm, 88 mm, and even 92 mm profiles.

These last three are ideally suited for customers who accept no compromises and appreciate a window which meets the requirements of a passive, energy- efficient home. Lumico is one of an elite group of Polish producers of windows and doors offering high-quality products which are popular all over Europe.


  • 1 Compatible with triple-glazing, giving excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • 2 Three gaskets meet on closing, forming two air chambers which give additional insulation to the room. They simultaneously enable the slow exchange of pre-heated air.
  • 3 Thermal outer seats protect frames from the effects of atmospheric moisture. They discharge runoff water to the outside of the frame, protecting the construction from excessive moisture.
  • 4 Composite construction made from triple-laminated wood





Colours are for reference purpose only, as they actual colour may vary depending on the type of wood.


We recommend handles for our windows in several colours equipped with a lifting mishandling device as standard.


Thermal outer seals in wooden windows protect frames from the negative effects of the weather. They discharge runoff water to the outside of the frame, protecting the construction from excessive moisture.

Manufacturing process